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10 March 2016 @ 02:57 pm
Community Revamp! + Dengonban Masterpost  
Long time no see~

The community's back with a lovely new theme made by revolumna and a new project!!

To my knowledge, no one translates dengonban in full these days and I thought it'd be fun to do so I'm going to translate them each month and post them in this community! Thus we're now a subs and translations (well basically just dengonban) community!

For those who don't know, 'dengonban' means message board and is a regular section in WiNK UP in which Johnny's write messages to other members within their group, cross-group, as well as to juniors. So it's perfect for this community XD

I've just done my first one which is the March issue - it should be up pretty soon after this post! In total the translation is about 2000 words so if anyone wants to collaborate in this endeavour, just let me know! LOL

And if having these translations on your friend feed will bug you for some reason you can always filter the '/ dengonban' tag from your feed.

With a new form of content comes new rules so:

  • Please don't repost the whole translation anywhere.

  • Please don't claim the work as your own.

  • If you're quoting it, please mention 'jjohnnys'.

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