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10 March 2016 @ 02:57 pm
Long time no see~

The community's back with a lovely new theme made by revolumna and a new project!!

To my knowledge, no one translates dengonban in full these days and I thought it'd be fun to do so I'm going to translate them each month and post them in this community! Thus we're now a subs and translations (well basically just dengonban) community!

For those who don't know, 'dengonban' means message board and is a regular section in WiNK UP in which Johnny's write messages to other members within their group, cross-group, as well as to juniors. So it's perfect for this community XD

I've just done my first one which is the March issue - it should be up pretty soon after this post! In total the translation is about 2000 words so if anyone wants to collaborate in this endeavour, just let me know! LOL

And if having these translations on your friend feed will bug you for some reason you can always filter the '/ dengonban' tag from your feed.

With a new form of content comes new rules so:

  • Please don't repost the whole translation anywhere.

  • Please don't claim the work as your own.

  • If you're quoting it, please mention 'jjohnnys'.

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28 April 2015 @ 03:54 pm
Some stuff will link to kinpuri comm, if you want those please join that community.

Tackey and Tsubasa
Music Station Yamanotesen Uchimawari ~Ai no Meiro~ 2015.09.11

Koyama Tokyo Live No NGs 2015.02.01

Kanzen Muketsu no Takoyarou 2015.12.11

Hey! Say! JUMP
Takaki and Chinen in France Out-take - Brushing the Horse
Arioka and Yamada on Shabekuri 007 (Interrogation Cut) 2014.09.08
School Kakumei Chau# Performances  2015.04.26, 2015.05.03
Hayadoki (JUMPing CAR promotion) 2015.06.22
School Kakumei English Word Association Game 2015.07.05
Music Station Mini Station 2015.10.23

Nakayama Yuma
YOLO Moment PV
ASADESU 2015.05.04
Chokinbako PV

Johnny's WEST
Doyoru no Gotouchimon Quest 2016.03.27

Appearance on ZIP! 2015.03.17

Johnny's Jr.
Gamushara J's Party 2014.12.06 - Morohoshi's Corner
Gamushara 2015.03.14
Gamushara 2015.04.26
Gamushara 2015.05.03

Shounen Club
Shokura Blog #1 and Ai wa Mikata Sa 2014.05.07
Shokura Blog #9 and Loveless 2014.09.03
Mr. King vs Mr. Prince Summer Station 2015.09.23
Mr. King vs Mr. Prince Hello!!! Haru Iro 2015.10.07
Mr. KING Solo Medley w/ short talk part 2015.11.04
Prince Solo Medley 2015.12.02
Shokura Blog #37 and Kousaten 2015.12.02
Mr. KING talk and Ai wa Mikata sa 2015.12.09
Shokura Blog #38 and Crazy my Dream 2016.01.06
Mr. KING Jounetsu no Iro w/ short talk part 2016.01.13

Mayonaka no Prince
Episode 1 2016.04.09
Episode 2 2016.04.16

Music Station
Sexy Zone with Kinpuri 2015.06.26
Mr. KING and Johnny's Jr. 2016.04.22

Kansai Johnny's Jr.
Maido! Johnny
Non-chan, Hirano Sho Highlights 2013.07.31
Nakayama Yuma Pt. 2 2015.04.19
8.6 Second Bazooka 2015.04.05
Bambino 2015.09.13

Johnny's Countdown 2015-2016 2015.12.31
Shounen Club - Omake by Shori (Hirano Sho) What's in the Box 2014.10.22
Shounen Club - Nakayama Yuma Talk and Performance 2015.04.01
28 April 2015 @ 06:52 am
This community was started by me (ihsarafes) as a result of somehow winding up a fan of basically every Johnny's group, duo, solo artist and not wanting to have to make a new community for every single thing or post publicly to a journal or privately, and have to friend everyone. You may know that my main community is jankensuru - my Arashi community but I needed somewhere to keep subbed videos for other groups.


I watch things, sometimes I understand things, and usually if I do, I feel like subbing it. This is where I dump that stuff.

[Rules and Membership]Rules:

  • If you download something, you keep it to yourself.

  • No streaming our videos on any sites. If for some reason we/you need a streamed video, the community will provide it.

  • No selling videos or linking others to our videos via adf.ly or similar sites.

  • Membership is moderated. *You don't need to leave a comment or anything, I just want to keep track of who and how many people are coming into the community*

  • (Extra: It'd be nice if we could get a discussion going about the videos in the comments! Pipe dream, but still)

Rules relating to dengonban translations:

  • Please don't repost the whole translation anywhere.

  • Please don't claim the work as your own.

  • If you're quoting it, please mention 'jjohnnys'.